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I. Global Management
-Management Challenge of International Trade
-Aspects of the Global Business Planning Process
-Factors Affecting Management of International Trade
-Information Sources for Global Business Planning
-Sources of Assistance for Global Business Planning
​-Practical Tools for International Trade
-The Management Context of Global Business

II.Global Marketing
-Evaluating the Internal and External Environment
-Developing and Implementing the Global Marketing Plan
-Coordinating the Marketing Mix

III. Trade Finance
​-Political Economic and Cultural Risks
​-Foreign Exchange Risk and Mitigation
-Researching, Analyzing, and Mitigating Credit Risk
​-Optimizing Methods of Payment and Documentation
-Developing the Short, Medium, and Long-term Financial Plan

IV.Supply-Chain Management
-Optimizing Supply-Chain Solutions
-Evaluating and Selecting Potential Intermediaries
​-Completing Documents for International Movement of Products and Services
-Calculating Costs, Benefits, and Risks of International Transactions
​-Facilitating Offshore Procurement Processes